When the Robinetto app was released earlier this year, one major feature was missing: support for installing firmware updates on your Robinetto device.

Last week we have released version 3 of the companion app. It will notify you when a firmware update for your device is available, and guide you step-by-step through the firmware update process.

Even though Bluetooth support on Android has been notoriously difficult in the past, and implementing firmware updates over Bluetooth was indeed quite challenging, the results are very good. No major issues weer reported after releasing this app update and pushing a firmware update to all devices in the field.

Thanks to Wieni and 7c7 Engineering for the collaboration on this project.

You can buy a Robinetto device online and install version 3 of the Robinetto app from the Play Store.

Screenshot of the notification that a new firmware is available. Screenshot of the firmware that is being installed.

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