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Tomorrowland 11

19 Jul 2024

Version 11 of the Tomorrowland app gets you closer to the Tomorrowland Festival in Belgium.

Tomorrowland 10

4 Jun 2024

Version 10 of the Tomorrowland app brings hundreds of live sets and One World Radio shows closer to you.

Ticketmatic 11

21 May 2024

Version 11 of the Ticketmatic app brings back some popular features.

Tomorrowland 9

22 Mar 2024

Version 9 of the Tomorrowland app adds exciting features in a new colorful design.

Ticketmatic 10

21 Mar 2024

Version 10 of the Ticketmatic app provides easy and secure access to your tickets.

Tomorrowland 8

23 Jan 2024

Version 8 of the Tomorrowland app brings your favorite beats to your car.


15 Jan 2024

Version 6 of the BRUZZ app offers a better media experience.

Robinetto 3

11 Dec 2023

Version 3 of the Robinetto companion app supports firmware updates.

Studentencodex 5

14 Aug 2023

Version 5 of the Studentencodex app supports light and dark themes.


2 Oct 2019

I was asked by a recruiter to write a small Android app to prove my Android knowledge ¯\(ツ)/¯

Android Things is ‘refocusing’ on smart speakers and smart displays. This is the end of Android Things as a general-purpose IOT platform.

When you distribute your Android app as an App Bundle, users will enjoy the benefits of getting a smaller APK. Here are some real-world numbers.